Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Beauty and the font

Life on the web is about to get a whole lot prettier. Adobe has released a new method to automatically align web text based on a algorithm that not only takes into account potential orphans but actually uses word length to adjust the spaces between words to reduce the large gaps that are over prevalent when simply using the "Justify" feature. 

While typography news alone is enough to get me to sit up and listen (fellow font geeks click here), let's add a little bit of theoretical perspective to really wake the class. Do evenly spaced words really matter? Not for comprehension. Msot poelpe cn raed setnecnes regrdlaess of mddile lteter odrer just bsaed on cotnxet.   

Instead this move, like most other font and layout choices, can be traced back to aesthetics and one of the most classic - that subtle symmetry is beautiful.

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