Friday, January 4, 2013

Is over-confidence curbing our abilities?

Maybe it's narcissim, but I'm perpetually fascinated with studies done on my generation: the millienials. Even our nomenclature sounds epic. MILLENIALS! And with the oldest subset of us turning 30, employers, advertisers and politicans are all struggling to figure us out as we become a larger and more powerful force in society. From how we use social media and the internet to what we do for community service and how we exercise, date, eat, travel, vote, etc.
But the latest study about the younger set points out that our navel gazing could be determental. In fact, the American Freshman Survey found that while self-confidence is on the rise, actual aptitude (measured by test scores) and hard work (measured in hours studied) has declined. Embarrassing, but worth a real look. How can you build skills and learn if you already know it all?
Last night I was lucky enough to be in a Louis CK audience and he warned against celebrating youth. “You don’t have to agree with what someone who is older than you is saying, but they are saying it from a place with a lot more data and experience so it’s useful for you to at least listen.”

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