Friday, August 5, 2011

Is there another office software more worthy of championship?

A bit of odd news caught my eye today, UK student Rebecca Rickwood beat 228,000 global competitors to win a global competition to find the best user of Microsoft's Excel software.

While the contents sounds a bit like a publicity stunt for the technology giant, I'll be the first to admit that once you start using Macros Excel can get pretty complicated. I've built spreadsheets that I thought were worthy of some kind of trophy (preferably made of chocolate).

Here are additional software contests I'd like to see:

  • Make a Powerpoint deck that actually balances information and entertainment (the use of sound effects and motions are strictly prohibited)
  • Make a consistently formatted text file with embedded charts that your co-workers can edit without destroying all the formatting
  • Air brush a photo of yourself you are happy with in 10 minutes or less with the photo software of your choice
What's your software challenge of choice?

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