Sunday, December 7, 2008

Drunk History

It's finals season and nothing puts off writing papers like watching online videos.

One of my recent favorites is Drunk History. Currently a 5 part series where the producers liquor up knowledge historians and have them tell a favorite historical tale. These stories are then acted out by actors like Jack Black, Michael Cera, and Danny McBride.

Here's one of my favorites because it connects so well with our nation's relationship with race. It's a great example of how the private lives of politicians influences public policy. (Caution: strong language and inappropriate behavior will ensue.)

I'm working on a paper on historical social science (hermeneutical constructivism specifically as it relates to separatist movements) and I was wondering why history isn't tied into more of our every day lives. Why is it that historians feel the need to get ripping lit to even discuss history on camera?

One of my other favorite history programs is a podcast called Hardcore History and is Dan Carlin's attempt to put listeners into the shoes of people in past periods.

Help me procrastinate and leave a comment about your favorite online history programs.

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