Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Shoring up the all important Ph.D economist demographic

Dilbert creator, Scott Adams surveyed 500 members of the American Economic Association on their views about John McCain and Barack Obama. The group prefers Obama to McCain 66% to 28% (60% to 33% for just Independents). Interestingly, 48% of the sample are registered Democrats, dispelling the stereotype of economists as hard-core conservatives.

Here's the PowerPoint presentation with detailed survey breakdowns. Looking issue-by-issue, Obama is seen as having better plans for health care and education, while McCain is seen as being better on trade.

It's possible that these people are still sore from McCain's "economist-bashing" on the campaign trail, but as the party identification breakdown shows, economists do tend to vote Democratic.

Unfortunately for Obama, he's not doing quite as well with "hockey moms".

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